Data protection

Your customers, suppliers, employees and other people expect you to treat their personal data adequately, without passing them one to anyone else without their consent, and without using them for any other purposes than agreed.

Therefore there is good reason for the relevant legal provisions which make those expectations explicit, such as the German Federal Data Protection Act or the European Data Protection Directive.

However, you should not make the mistake of considering these legal provisions only as rules you have to comply to in order to prevent problems with the relevant regulatory bodies.

As data protection consultant and external data protection official (according to the German Federal Data Protection Act, ยง4f) I support small and medium-sized companies in Germany to handle personal data in such a way that the trust in your company is satisfied, as well as ensuring compliance with relevant law.

Many years of experience in (software) quality management and process improvement allow me to do so while putting particular emphasis on integrating data protection activities into existing business processes and implement data protection efficiently and effectively as a result.

You will find more about me and my qualifications on my profile page (in German). On my Consulting page you find more about quality management and process improvement services offered. Please contact me if you have any further question or need for support.